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The Mission


The Urban Underground is a platform with a mission to provide support, inspiration, and empowerment to Black business owners, and the community-at-large, while encouraging us always to reach back and help others.

Founder & Developer

Erika Gordon

I've always been a cheerleader for those who are counted out, the "underdog," as they call it. There's something about witnessing someone start from the bottom or with nothing, and build something far beyond others' expectations. I love seeing it happen, whether it takes them days, months, or years. In most cases, I don't personally know them from a can of paint; however, I'm always actively rooting for them behind the scenes.

This passion for seeing others succeed led me to build The Urban Underground. Many Black business owners are counted out before starting due to a lack of resources. As a graphic designer and web developer, being a witness to others' journeys sometimes left me feeling helpless because I knew I possessed some of the skillsets needed to give an extra push forward. Still, I didn't know how to go about helping where I could. The Urban Underground is the first step in trying to reach as many as possible. The Black-Owned Business Directory is only the first phase in making this a comprehensive platform of resources for all stages of the business journey. I don't only want to cheer for you behind the scenes; I want to do and give everything I possibly can to see more Black businesses succeed in this world.

Picture of Erika Gordon, founder and developer of The Urban Underground
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