What use is it making it to the top if all it affords us is a bird's-eye view of everyone we've left behind?

-- Amber Hikes

The Mission


Amber Hikes, a civil rights activist and community organizer, perfectly encapsulates the mission of The Urban Underground. Society wants us to believe that keeping our knowledge and experience to ourselves, under lock and key, is the only way to succeed in life and business.

This method of behavioral manipulation often described as the “crabs in a barrel mentality”, is an unfortunate remnant of slavery. Owners often plotted to cause conflict and mistrust within our community by highlighting our many differences; from complexion, working positions, living quarters, and more. These were then used to divide us so that we would become envious and pull each other back in an attempt to stop any advancement. Unfortunately, this mentality still exists within some of our communities. What we at times fail to realize is that communities that unite to share their goals, dreams, and experiences, tend to achieve more and progress at a faster rate than those who don't.

The Urban Underground was built to encourage an atmosphere of sharing knowledge and experiences. Our goal is for you to experience a supportive environment and be encouraged to take advantage of the various opportunities available. In addition, you will be exposed to others who are sharing their life and business experiences so that you may be able to adapt them for your own personal growth.

The Urban Underground is a platform with a mission to provide support, inspiration, and empowerment to the Black community, while also encouraging us to always reach back and help others. The world is already filled with people whose desire is to try to hold us back...let us not assist them by doing it to each other.