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Grease Bags has been a work in progress for many years. As a mama bear who loves to feed her young, common frustrations in the kitchen regarding what to do with used cooking oil, led to a wealth of knowledge concerning the hazards of improper grease disposal and our planet. I knew grease was a pain in the butt, however I had no idea! Pouring grease down the drain leads to pollution and costly repair bills (including garbage disposals and toilets). Even a little is too much! Collecting old grease in recyclable containers increases landfill waste. Simply pouring it out in that "special" place in the yard leads to a patch of earth that will never be green with grass again. Bottom line: these are all "patchwork solutions" and not very good ones.

Through the development process of Grease bags, it was imperative to solve an age old problem in a simple, eco-friendly way. The product had to truly solve the problem instead of putting a patch over it, (a "patchwork solution"). Plus, we want to do our part to prevent pollution and contribute to a zero waste world, so Grease bags also had to be completely compostable. It's a tall order, but we are proud to say that we have filled it.

Long hours of research and hard work led to Grease bags! Our bags are 100% compostable, 100% all natural, 100% convenient, and 100% solving the problem! Mission accomplished.

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