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My mother was from the South, specifically, Montgomery, Alabama, and and when a person didn't feel good we watched Mamma give them a good old fashioned "Rub Down!" Southern Hospitality at its finest!

I paid close attention to mamma, who would take me along to help sick and elderly neighbors, as well as members of our own family, just about anyone who needed a rub down. The true meaning of "Tender Love and Care" is touch. I watched mamma, mimicking her technique and quickly became her second set of hands.

My mother believed that certain foods, oils, and teas played a crucial roll in the overall recovery of a person's ailments. She swore by the wellness healing process. Mom would mix luxurious creams, ointments and oils, which we would then use to do the "Old Fashioned Rub Down" on those in need of a loving touch.

"Watch Me Gloria" Mom would say, "Do What I Do," and we became a team that way, gently massaging from the bottom of each foot and continuing all the way up the legs, arms, hands and sometimes even the back. I pride myself of my mother's legacy of wellness and want to provide that for you, as well as, the people you care about. Staying true to my mother's traditions and keeping her recipes in mind, I've managed to develop my own line of Aromatherapy foot products.... "Footnanny".

You can also find Footnanny at:

  • Macy's
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  • Bed Bath & Beyond

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