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Three years ago we felt inspired by the simple phrase “Do The Work” and decided make the statement wearable. It is a common sentiment amongst creatives, entrepreneurs, and activists. We first offered it on a tee then a year later simplified the design and added it to long-sleeved shirts and tanks. It quickly became a favorite.

Today it is impossible to ignore the significance of this phrase, as many are (seemingly) beginning to realize they can no longer turn a blind eye to the systems of white supremacy that have oppressed, exploited, abused, and killed Black people for centuries. There is difficult uncomfortable dismantling work that must be done. Work that goes beyond the novelty of following Black creatives and using trendy hashtags. We hope those who are now becoming more vocal, those who consider themselves “allies” are in it for the long haul. Doing the Work is an urgent and personal call to action, not just pretty words on a shirt or screen.

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