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Brothers & Bowties a company that specializes in creating and designing custom bow ties. Our unique bow ties cater's to unique clients whether it creating a show stopping piece, or simply a everyday bow tie. At the age of 13 years old I discovered my love for making Bowtie's. However, I didn't start making bow ties for my self & others until the year of 2011. I first started handcrafting bow ties just to impress my wife. The first day we met I had on one of my handcrafted bow ties. She was so effectuated with my bow tie, she nickname me Mr. Bowtie/ Brother Bowtie. The next several dates we went on, I actually handcraft a new bow tie, and then when she discovered that I actually hand make the bow ties myself she advised me to start a business, and her great counsel birth the start of Brothers & Bowties.

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