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Black and Mobile is the country's first Black Owned food delivery service that exclusively partners with Black Owned restaurants to give them more exposure and customers. Our founder David Cabello, a 22 year old college drop out at the time of Black and Mobile's creation, laid the foundation for the company in late 2017 throughout 2018, and launched the service in February of 2019 during Black History Month.

Black and Mobile's main focus is to highlight underrepresented businesses in the urban communities that are often overlooked, and provide them with the technology they need to not only expand their customer base, but to stay competitive in this rapid changing economy.

This also allows the company to hire the men and women from these communities, which will directly effect the unemployment rate and allow more people to be exposed to more opportunities.

Business Hours:

Monday2:00 PM1:00 AM
Tuesday2:00 PM1:00 AM
Wednesday2:00 PM1:00 AM
Thursday2:00 PM2:00 AM
Friday2:00 PM2:00 AM
Saturday2:00 PM2:00 AM
Sunday2:00 PM1:00 AM

Black and Mobile physically services the following areas:

  • Atlanta, GA  •  United States
  • Detroit, MI  •  United States
  • Baltimore, MD  •  United States
  • Philadelphia, PA  •  United States

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