Kareem Manuel started We. as a way to get his music to the people. The concept was birthed out of Kareem’s song “Power” whose name sake rested in a simple yet compelling chant “We got the power.” During the 2017 election We. became a cry of hope, not only to be open, loving and accepting of other people and ideas, but to be willing to learn from those ideas and take action for others. To create a place where people took responsibility for their own lives and the society to which they belong.

Using only $250 dollars, his iPhone and the tools he honed as an aspiring artist he started down the meager path of selling shirts on Instagram. In grass-roots fashion, influencers grabbed on to the message, people found hope and the movement grew. Hailing from Chicago, the apparel is street influenced, but much like the name implies, is a collection of influences and messages from around the globe.

We. Society Apparel is a social enterprise. A portion of all our sales go to organizations doing awesome work for people.

All designs are printed on the highest quality textiles, sustainably sourced and printed locally in Atlanta.

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