Hey! I'm Franci, the founder and CEO of The Sixes, and I’m thrilled that you’re here.

I created The Sixes for one reason — to give tall women like myself #fashionfreedom. I was already 5'10" by the time I was in 4th grade, and I always struggled to find clothes that fit. This brand is an ode to those of us who are 5’9” and up, who love fashion, who take pride in the way we look, and who’ve been excluded from major style moments because of our height.

My greatest advantage in building this business is that I AM YOU. I know the disappointment of finding a piece I love only to have it fit poorly on my frame because I’m not the size of the average American woman. The Sixes is a collection designed with you in mind. Where other brands fall short, I’ve got you covered!

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