The Corporate Collection, with its proprietary blend of ingredients was born to serve the Modern Man who commands the day. The activated pheromones, mixed with his natural body oils will provide each man with a smell that is only unique to him. This unique smell can be likened to that of your are the only person in possession of it. We have provided the products and nature will do the rest! All those in close proximity of your robust scent will be drawn in for a more compelling inspection.

As you become THAT guy that everyone talks about, wants to be, or be closer to, your professional life will take an equally large leap forward. The Corporate Collection is made for all Modern Men. If you possess lofty goals, are already a success, or wish to go to the next level, our 10 proprietary products will support your personal care needs. With the names like Baron, Titan, and Magnate you will attack each day self-assured that you are armed with the tools to make all that you desire come to fruition!

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