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Keith Lorren's Gourmet Products are the best tasting, most innovative, most healthy spice blends in the history of the world!

The Spice King Collection is a luxury line of gourmet spice blends that are 10 x’s more flavorful than anything currently on the market. With over 14 herbs/spices in each bottle, you would have to use a whole cabinet full of spices to get the flavor of just one bottle of Keith Lorren spice mix. I promise you, “Just one gets the job done”! My spices are low in sodium, all natural, packed with omega 3, 6, 9 fatty acids, over 72 trace essential minerals and are made with an ancient guarded trade secret unlike any other!

While living in the middle east and working with the Arab perfume makers, I developed a special technique that infuses the spices with concentrated aromatic oils making them 10x’s more flavorful and 10x’s more healthy than any other spices currently sold in stores. We're now getting tens of thousands of orders from all over the world.

I invite you to open up and experience the Spice King Collection before you! Smell the alluring aromas, the complexity of perfection, look at the unmatched quality and vibrancy of the herbs. These are the best spices in the history of the world, specially designed for each dish. Don't waste any more time or money with those "other companies"! Cook with the best! Cook with the Keith Lorren's Spice King Collection today!

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