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SameOleG is not a hair salon, not a barbershop, not a Loctician, not a saying and definitely not a game. SameOleG is a whole brand that completely represents me, you and what WE stand for.

SameOleG will be a powerhouse. We stand on what we live by and speak of. We are genuine, we are authentic, we are bold, we are a statement. We make people happy, we uplift, we EMPOWER, we give back to our community and we will always GROW & EVOLVE.
Something I live by and have made my brands slogan “Consistency that will stay the same, & style that will forever evolve but never change. CLASSIC. SameOleG, something versatile for more than just me.”

For now, I am a master barber stylist. I cut hair and retwist and style locs. (ONLY RETWIST AND STYLE NO OTHER EXTENDED SERVICES)
I am working on my versatile clothing line, which is the main thing SameOleG is pushing, in the background. I have products such as personalized durags, tshirts, jogging suit, crop tops, women and mens shorts, & plenty more to come. We also have upcoming products such as, hair oil and retwisting wax. Custom SameOleG home decor, we good grills and jewelry, graphic design and soo much more!

I’m similar to many of you, but I’m ALL ME, SameOleG 💯

Personal Quote: “ Forever Evolving, Never Changing”

Visit Same Ole G at:

1018 E Belt Line Rd
Richardson, TX 75081 • United States
(214) 919-9812

  Hours are by appointment only.

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