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Royals Essence was created when I noticed my own skin issues not being catered to. Being an African American woman, I realized how challenging it was to find a brand that created all plant-based products for skin with melanin. Instead of accepting defeat, I tapped into my Black Girl Magic and said, “Fine! I’ll do it myself!” and created a skincare line that not only benefited melanin based skin tones but all skin tones and skin types, because, with Royals Essence, there’s no glow left behind.

My desire for clear skin and my love for our environment became a core focus when creating Royals Essence. A combination of being hands-on, creating in small batches to ensure quality and using all plant-based ingredients, we birthed a vegan-friendly, skin-loving brand. In 2018, we made it a priority to revolutionize the skincare world with affordable, hand-crafted products to enhance your natural beauty -- and although we started as a small team, we built the Royals Essence team one glow-up at a time.

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