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With his wife's support, Matthew Goins created Puzzle Huddle in January 2018. They have three children all under the age of six who love puzzles! Frustrated with the lack of diverse images shown on commercially-produced puzzles, the family began creating unique puzzle designs. They are so proud to provide you with puzzles that showcase inclusive images that our children, and others, will love.

Matthew was born and raised in Detroit, MI, and his wife Marnel was raised in Philadelphia, PA. The two met while attending Howard University for graduate school.

Why Puzzles?
Puzzles are a timeless toy and development tool for children. The time a child spends assembling a puzzle requires focus, problem solving, discipline, and fine motor skills.

Why Ethnically Diverse Images?
Children perceive and internalize the images around them. When children play with toys that feature images that look like them, they have the opportunity to be affirmed and engage in imaginative play in a very personal way.

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