MsBrook Antionette is a fashion brand that represents women's empowerment. MsBrook is not just a name, it's a style that empowers women to be their best selves. The Lead Designer and Ceo, MsBrook Antoinette's primary goal is to show women how the MsBrook style is a symbol of class, beauty, and empowerment. Inspired by her grandmother who was a seamstress and grandfather who was a master of style, every garment is constructed with love.

"To be fashionable is to be stared at admirably" -BB

About "the Skirt"
Every skirt is handmade with love. High quality materials are chosen to ensure that each skirt gives a top of the line presentation. My formula for "the Skirt" includes the following:
- 3 inch high waistband with interfacing
- 43-44 inches long (varies)
- Pockets (add-on)
- Generous amount of fabric used to create a full skirt look.
- High Quality Fabrics
I invite you to be a part of a new legacy of "the Skirt."

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