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Hi, my Name is Anita and I am the founder of Readi Wrapz. My husband and I run our family business. Readi Wrapz are pre-knotted hair wraps. So you can get the knotted ball affect without the hassle of trying to knot it. Readi Wrapz is a business founded on obedience. In 2015 I was given an ultimatum and that was to stay at my job as an Administrative Assistant or to go home and commit to my role as a full-time mom. It was really tough to choose because I wanted to be a help to my husband, But I also had a 9-month-old who needed me too. So with this dilemma weighing on me every day, God was kind enough to give me a dream telling me exactly what to do. In this dream, I was given an offer and turned it down, Because of my obedience I was blessed. The following day I went to work and was given an offer. Doing as I was told I turned the offer down. From there I started on my path to committing wholeheartedly to my role as a stay at home mom. This didn't last long. Due to doubt, I went back to work. This cycle lasts for about 2 years. After all of the dead-end jobs and not having enough time with my kids, I decided to let it go once and for all, and that is when it happened. God begin to deal with me in my thoughts about Readi Wrapz. He gave me a specific technique and I tried it. It was Amazing! Readi Wrapz was born. So here you have it! when I was ready to obey God, he gave me Readi Wrapz!

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