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My Story

Prior to 1993, I ate similarly to most people in America. Literally, I could eat anything and never gain a pound or experience a negative side-effect. After my wife was diagnosed with a chronic illness in her mid-twenties, I began a journey of learning about health, diet and alternative medicine. A trusted herbalist emphasized to us the importance of changing our diets as a lifestyle. This meant introducing whole foods, more fruits and veggies and pure water as well as eliminating foods that were undermining our goal of better health.

This season was the beginning of my passion for health. Not long after, I was inspired to become a vegetarian. Although I stayed the course for the next 15+ years, there were periods when I gave into my craving for more traditional foods including fish and chicken.

Over the past six years, I vacillated between vegetarian and vegan diets. However, three years ago, I received results from my blood work after my annual physical. Despite my healthy lifestyle, I was surprised by the report that I now had major concern with my kidneys and blood pressure. In hopes of avoiding traditional medications, I became a raw vegan for one year. During that time, my regimen consisted of raw fruits and veggies, smoothies, herbs, alkaline water and regular exercise. Not only did I experience greater energy and vitality, but my health issues began to improve. Gradually, I incorporated cooked foods back into my diet.

Currently, I eat primarily whole foods, fruits, raw and cooked veggies and ancient grains. My go-to beverages include alkaline water and smoothies with occasional almond milk. In addition, I take various natural supplements. Thankfully, I feel wonderful. My kidneys and blood pressure are normal again.

My Life

I am a husband, father, and native Washingtonian, University of Maryland grad, plant-based advocate, healthy lifestyle specialist, lifestyle vegan, reader of quality books, basketball fanatic, Packer fan, avid gardener, wannabe chef, PhD in counseling, missionary with good news for the broken and hurting, and a global ambassador for the impoverished and underserved. I love blue water and white sand beaches, men's fashion and being a part of God's church.

My Hope

My dream is to offer you recipes with simple, organic, whole, and nonGMO ingredients. I will share with you foods that I regularly eat. My focus will be on "everyday" real foods, not food staged for the sake of art. Being whole and alive is part of my gift to you as well. That will be shared through inspiration, faith, fashion and fun.

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