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My interest in mixing natural remedies came into existence in early childhood. My father had a work related accident where his arm was caught in a machine, leaving a large keloid with a zipper-like appearance. At the time, I was around seven years old and came up with an aloe concoction to apply to Daddy’s arm. The doctor was amazed and was curious to know what I concocted to get rid of such a deep scar!

Later in life, I became more concerned with my diet and what I put on my skin due to all the family members I lost to cancer. My grandmother was raised on a farm, so, she always had many remedies and mixtures. The loss of my grandmother and grandfather prompted me to take a healthier approach to eating. My mother was diagnosed with a rare cancer of the bone and she is now cancer free for six years! This is what inspired me to use natural products and I wanted to share these natural products with others at prices that the average person could afford. It does not just matter what you eat but, it also matters how you treat your skin. Grandma always said, “Treat your body like a Temple.” I don’t just sell these products, I use them! Join me in taking the journey of taking care of our bodies, inside and out.

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