Founded in 2007 Credit 1 USA was birthed out of necessity. A huge credit crisis swept the country eroding the trust consumers had in the financial sector and transformation was needed. The principles of trust, integrity and relentlessness were the bedrock upon which Credit 1 USA was formed. Financial knowledge and solutions are the levelers of the playing field.

We believe it to be our company’s responsibility to equip Americans with the skills, information and services required to help them overcome their financial challenges. We strive to make lenders aware of the alternatives to denial, and the benefits of offering an “alternative yes.” Strategic alliances with businesses for employee benefits, financial literacy, and economic productivity is paramount to true long-term financial success.

Most of our clients learn about credit the hard way, and this is one of the huge gaps that we will fill. Benjamin Franklin once stated “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Our goal is to make credit repair an option in every lending decision across the USA, and offer the best preventative credit education. Successfully achieving this goal will drastically reduce the default rates, and improve the credit worthiness of the borrowers of tomorrow.

This is our mission and these are our tasks, we not only accept it, we welcome the challenge!

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Huntsville, AL 35816 • United States

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