Bronx resident Latanya DeVaughn is shunning the brick-and-mortar model and taking her bookstore to the people.

As the second general interest bookseller in the borough, Bronx Bound Books doesn’t believe in the "If you build it, they will come" theory. Instead, DeVaughn will roam neighborhoods like the South Bronx, Co-op City, Throgs Neck and Riverdale and set up shop in parks and residential areas.

Bronx Bound Books a bookstore on wheels aka a bookmobile. It will travel the streets of the Bronx to bring literature to the people. BBB is leaving no community behind as it will be a mobile bookstore able to travel throughout the borough especially to neighborhoods where it may be needed the most.

The idea of Bronx Bound Books is to be a beautiful bus, traveling throughout the Bronx. “Every neighborhood in the Bronx deserves a bookstore, even if it’s just for one day” --Latanya DeVaughn

Service Areas

  • South Bronx, NY  •  United States
  • Co-op City, NY  •  United States
  • Riverdale, NY  •  United States
  • Throgs Neck, NY  •  United States