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Black Fathers Exist is a movement that was created to shine a positive light and destroy the negative stereotypes of black fathers. This movement was started and owned by Charles, a 33 year-old black father in the Atlanta area. He founded a fatherhood brand prior to Black Fathers Exist, and asked all of his customers to send him pictures of them wearing the shirts they ordered. Surprisingly, the majority of the pictures were from African American men, so he decided to niche down and serve this specific audience. He launched the business using Facebook Advertising and received a very mixed response. It was almost puzzling.. There were Black Fathers who loved it, but there were also other groups of people who made very demeaning statements on the Facebook posts. They would say things like, "Only 5% of black men can wear these shirts... The other 95% have never seen their kids."

This was absolutely infuriating along with the other hateful messages that were posted, and in those very moments, Charles knew he was on the right track and had to do something about this issue. He needed to combat these negative images and false narratives of black fatherhood. He had black friends everywhere that love and take care of their kids on a daily basis, and we needed paint the true picture of who we really are.

The media tries to dampen the existence of black fathers and falsely say that we are not present in our children's lives. This is far from the truth and we are here to create a platform to show the world much different. We are black fathers that raise young black kings and queens everyday.

We stand against the lies and false stereotypes that have been spoken against black fathers. We don't show hate but we celebrate our brothers and shine a light that cannot be ignored.

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