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We are THE first beauty brand to combine the power of green beauty, natural haircare and e-learning. Our mission is to become the number one resource for women of color as the go through their natural hair growth journey.

We do that through approaching the natural haircare journey holistically using our 3-pronged system of Organic haircare products, fundamental natural haircare Education and Community support.

We have always had an obsession with our skin & hair. Since birth our mom has taught us to soak, scrub, oil & deep condition. Traditions passed down from her mom. All of our skin and hair types are really different, so creating our own all-natural recipes with fresh ingredients really worked for us, because we could then customize a beauty product that addressed our specific beauty ailments.

What originally started over a few glasses of wine as a customizable DIY haircare and skincare brand has grown into a beauty company for women of color guiding them through one of our biggest pain point, our natural hair journey. Originally newbies to the beauty brand world we got a crash course on how many needs of black women were not being met. We are here to fill the space and take up space. We are bringing a folding chair to the green beauty conversation. We are a clean beauty brand that focuses on inclusion, proper representation and creating all natural beauty products to replace the toxic products we use everyday.

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