Bed of Roses Naturals is an organic self care brand founded by a black woman entrepreneur and registered nurse from New York. The brand was created to provide a natural carcinogen free alternative for home fragrance lovers as well as individuals who suffer from allergies.

During Bed of Roses Naturals 3 years in business the brand has expanded into spa quality products for women and men to enjoy. At Bed of Roses, we pride ourselves on creating a one of a kind experience for our clients. Each artisan candle and body product is produced with naturals oils, butters, fragrances & essential oils by hand. We love to play music and create content during production to increase the love vibrations in our products as well as a relaxing ambiance. Everything is made with LOVE and attention to detail.

We are working diligently to reduce our environmental footprint by utilizing materials that have served there intend use. When packaging our candles we use 100% recycled, non toxic, and biodegradable materials.

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